DEMO 13'

by Mongrel

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released May 15, 2013

Recorded By: Philip Odom (@xphilipodomx)
Mixed And Mastered By: Paul Minor (@paulminor)



all rights reserved


Mongrel(TX) Texas

Hardcore from Texas. UNITED & STRONG.

S/O to the Indomitable Texas Hardcore scene.
Support: Ivy Leaguetx, Hardside, Afflictive Nature, Modern Pain, Sold Short.

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Track Name: No Temple
No Temple, No Peace For My Mind To Greet
I'm Stripped Of Free Will, Dulled Of Insight
We Chase The Dollar Surrender The Soul
Demise By Grand Design

The Youthcrew Will Choose Too, When They're Staring Down The Teeth Of The World Between
No Honor Among Thieves And Everyday They're Flooding These Streets

The Truth Has Been Abused, In A Home With No Love
You Will Never Know The True Hells Others Don't Speak Of

The World Is What You Make
A Hammer To Build Or One To Take
We All Blow Away In The Gale Force Winds Of Pointless Waste

You And Me, More Means Than Meaning.
Kick The Chair, Take The Ride
There Is No Escape, The Great Innate Is What We Crave.
Track Name: Wasted Effort
Sins Of The Father
I've Heard It All Before
Nothings left of You
But A Crown Of Thorns

Turned From The Truth
Scour The Streets
Turned From The Truth
Scour The Streets, There's No Living Proof

Your Faith, Like A Knife, Has Run Your Through

Hallowed House, Divided

There's No Way To Take A Look At The World
Than As Wolves, In Sheeps Skin

I Feel The Weight Of Your Gaze, Feel It Everyday.
Place The Same Blame Again.

I Pray for Rain To Wash Away These Hopless Days.
Track Name: Death Greets Me
Dodging Guilt For The NIghtmares I've Created
These Specters Steal The Life Out Of Me
Gnawing Gears Born Of All The Years
That I Took And Never Lent
I'll Pay The Price - In The End
Last Ditch Daggers, Falling, On My Head
LIfe's So Slow, In The Dead Zone
The End So Far, But It Couldn't Feel Closer

A Life Under The Knife
A Battered Beast To Beat Your Shores
Leaving Your Best Wishes, Unadorned

Death Greets Me
Death Greets Me

I'm Begging For Forgiveness As My Knee Hits The Earth
Binding With My failures Hand In Hand In The Dirt
Everything Beneath Me On Bended Knee
Now I Lie In Your Grave That's Now Meant For Me

Death Greets Me As The Best Of Friends
To Look Deeper Than The Reaper, To Accept The End
Track Name: Stamped Out
I Wish, I Wish There Was A Sterling Example For Me
To Grow Old And Never Know What It Is That A Man Should Be
I Don't Need A Break
All I Ever Asked, Was To Even The Stakes
This Whole World Has Robbed Me Blind All Of My Life

Who's To Say, That I'm Owed Shame
We're All Treading Water In This Sea Of Pain
Keep Your Bleeding Heart. We All Live For A Brand New Start
If It Never Comes, I'll Forever Run
From The Devils Son Inside Of Me

In time I'll Bundle Up The Hate Inside Of Me
And Put It To Use Or Lay It To Rest

Steel My Soul, In This World, That's Both Harsh And Cold
Stamping My Spirit Out.
Track Name: Underfoot
Bent So Ends Broken
Turned From Righteous Path
A Sad Life You've Spent
With Your True Face Masked
Plight Of Others, Friends And Mothers
You'd Sooner Leave Than Last

Trampled Under Foot, Bond Of Brothers Shook

I Give Unto You, You Take Everything From Me
Give Me The Rope And I'll Hang On My Own

Never Rest Easy, No Relief

Brought Down By A Ton Of Weight
Dreams You've Dashed For Your Fellow Man
They Pay Their Toll In Shame.
Track Name: B.T.F
Broke From Birth, Never Whole
Shackled To Living With A Crooked Soul
Using Every Means To Get One Up
This Is The End Of The Line, You've Pushed Your Luck

Running Out Of Options, Panic Sets In
Rotten Choices Built This Hell You're Left In
Brick By Brick, Pound By Pound
Stuck In Place When It All Comes Around

Never Think Of Others Living In The Wake, Making Selfless Choices
Was Never Your Domain
All Those Tossed Aside Will Stack The Pile
Justice Pulls No Punches

You Will Burn By The Fire
Bodies Long From Floor To Ceiling Stacking Them Higher
No Discretion, No Heed For Those In Need You've Ridden Your Lies
Into The Dirt